Banning All Muslim Refugees from Entering the United States

@ROliverLuce | 12-22-16

Barack Obama Dumps Registry, N.S.E.E.R., for Immigrant Men from Muslim Countries, making it difficult for President Trump to set up his registration plans.

This is GREAT NEWS for banning ALL Muslims from entering the United States and later deporting the rest out of the country.
Citing Muslim behavior coming from the Hadith, the Quran, and the Sira.
Citing the 1952 law outlawing Muslims from living in the country.
Citing the Constitution that is at war with the elements of Sharia (Muslim Law).

It means America must observe and do as our Founding Fathers have done with Muslims (remember the Leathernecks) after reading the Quran (the 1790’s).

It means we block entry into the country all Muslims. And also the deportations of all Muslims currently in the country. There is a danger at our gates and within as Muslims can never treat other nations well given their beliefs and actions. However, deportation still means deporting them with dignity but with force, if certain elements of Islam decide to commit violent jihad in resisting.

Barack Obama has, again, re-affirmed his loyalty to Islam by this action today in scrapping the required registration for immigrant men from Muslim countries.  Some might say he’s doing it out of good reason for which we could go into detail at another time.  But the fact of the matter he has been consistent in his support for Islam and Muslim refugees more so than American citizens,  Obama is willfully forgetting the fact Muslims are not to be allowed in the United States per the 1952 Anti-Muslim law.  The American Constitution is also at odds with Islam legally and socially!

With all this said, America is afraid to say anything about his Islamic behavior because he’s still in the Whitehouse. I’m sure there was a way to deal with this eight-year crisis seven years ago. Besides, he knew he was limited in destroying the country. He knew he could not do more damage than he has already due to the limits of what Americans would accept and those around him and in the government. There still is a large enough remnant of Americans who would stop him from running wild than he has.



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