Why is 3rd place Jill Stein Re-counting? Why? and Mrs. Clinton has Already conceded

@JerryBrownGov @LAtimes @YahooNews

Jill Stein & Mrs. Hillary of Bengazi are throwing away their [Get out of Jail Free] cards!

… with dividing the country once again AFTER Mrs. Hillary already conceded!

Why is Jill Stein Re-counting? Why? 3 Blue-light States are denying Trump’s legitimate claim to 3 million or more illegal foreigners voting in 2016. Legitimate through liberal Democracts own words!

But as always WE LOVE OUR LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who do vote!!

3rd place Jill Stein initiates re-counts for 3 states? Why? The conspiracy is to de-illegimize Trump even as he begins presidency. Jill has NO REASON to re-count. Alinsky-Communists continue to divide and conquer!

“States reject Trump’s claim that millions of CALIFORNIA illegal ballots…” ALONE without many others gave Clinton popular vote? Three million alone in California!

Trump is correct by Democrat’s own SMOKING GUN words. As everyone KNOWS, in registering illegal foreigners to vote!!

Calif ok’s illegals to register to vote as other “blue-light”states have done
per Obama’s open border policy. We all know Obama’s express purpose of allowing millions to flood our borders IS A PURPOSE of national destruction and out voting with people given treats paid by American taxpayers.



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