Clinton leads Trump by over 2 million votes with a huge illegal element, by AFP

~@ROliverLuce | 11-24-16

Clinton leads Trump by over 2 million votes that include 3 million illegals voting that has already been reported with more coming when California and other states being exposed in the very near future!

Hillary Clinton is now more than two million votes ahead of President-elect Donald Trump in the popular vote count… compiled by the Cook Political Report…

She has received 64,227,373 votes as opposed to Trump’s 62,212,752 million votes, according to the Cook Political Report’s latest tally, which was compiled from official sources.

Who is Cook Political and those “official” sources since America is in a war with lawless liberal-Islamic elements? These elements are pressing for open borders in welcoming the entire world’s population in effect. The incentives are great in causing foreigners to break our laws in accepting government bribes. And brides they are paid by our tax dollars!

This is the second time that a Democrat, a liberal ‘New World Order’ Democrat, has won the popular vote and lost the presidential election of this century so far.
But wait! The count is still ongoing? The election is over with Mrs. Hillary Clinton already conceding. And all those absentee ballets are usually NEVER counted by Democrats when the election is over because it’s over. Why are they counting them today after the election? Especially when millions of illegal foreigners have been urged by Democrats to vote and vote illegally. Recall California’s blanten call for illegals to be included in the 2016 election! Recall reports already coming in that there are 3 million illegal votes and counting being investigated! What we have here also is more fodder for bussing out of state young people to various places in the country to initiate riots against our country! The bussing has been verified. When the new president’s AG starts arresting some people will resist of course counting on Americans to let them off the hook. But I digress.

In 2000, the vice president Al Gore lost to Governor George W. Bush, by losing the state of Florida to the vice president, despite Gore winning nearly 544,000 more votes than W. Bush.

Despite Gore’s hundreds of lawyers being flown to Florida and despite various different ways to re-count the votes in the crucial county in question Bush had always won by hundreds of votes. Going to the Supreme Court was a waste of time and money! Bring the whole thing to court was a sham in getting the Supremes to decide the election when The-NOW-Liberal Bush had already won the state of Florida!! Governor Bush had won the election with the electoral college.

But on a final note, millions of illegal foreigners did vote if not many dead people as well in this year’s presidential election. [1*]

And on another point: The possible hacking by liberals and Soros on Soros own voting machines? Oh yes, lol, more so than from conservatives, GOP’ers, and Russians, lol! [2*]

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[2*] Reference:


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