HuffingtonPost is scared their Hillary-Alinsky-Islamic dictatorship has lost!

{Let us rejoice that we remain FREE without liberalism’s growing control over our lives!!}
~@ROliverLuce | 11-20-16

@HuffngtonPost, with their all-white publishing staff, tells us
president-elect Trump is a danger and a nightmare? Oh, brother!

Yes, it is! It’s a nightmare to their support for Hillary’s Alinsky-Islamic tyranny which has been crushed.
Americans have said NO MORE to their growing tyranny, even in the FACE of Liberals sneaking millions of illegal votes!

Huffers are telling us, Trump may have won the presidency by our archaic Electoral College, but he did not win the popular vote?

Oh but Trump HAS WON THE POPULAR VOTE “especially” when we will remove the 3 million illegal votes in the end!

The Electoral College is NOT archaic but it remains and refrains evil from outweighing a few states to control the American voting process.


that many will realize the dangers of liberal dictators rioting in the streets IS THEIR CONCERN to their safety and freedoms.]


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