Trump Picks Sessions for AG with Lib-Media Screaming Lies of Racism Again!

~@ROliverLuce | 11-18-16

Here we go again. Right after the election lies! More lies about how evil Trump Constitution’ists are when Liberalism holds blacks to a slavery in dependency!

President-elect Trump has picked Senator Sessions for AG! The Liberal media nit-picking is screaming over silly statements in branding the senator as supposedly racist from Session’s own remarks that I might even say without an ounce of hatred towards black persons in general?

It’s historical that liberals have always been racist in spirit since the days of President Lincoln; The liberal media peeps and those in the Democrat party are responsible for inventing & creating the Democrat party KKK and keeping it alive, and to this day have seduced most black people into yet (again) another kind of slavery! The slavery of trapped into a worldview of dependency and hatred with a hope based on destroying other American groups such as White Americans and other kinds.


Another Huffington Post’s page spewing it’s “liberal” version of Senator Sessions humorous and simple gesturing that does not prove Sessions is a hateful threat to blacks as we know Liberals are doing to the black population in retaining blacks on LBJ’s created Liberal dumbing-down plantations since 1964.



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