Communicating with those who voted differently than you!

~@ROliverLuce | 11-13-16

IT’s one thing:
to harshly/arrogantly judge others and even calling people names who had voted differently than them in this important election!

AND it’s another:
to find peace through ways of listening with their feedback and communicating patiently with those who had voted differently than they and to leave those alone who might innocently, ignorantly, or arrogantly wish that they be left alone with their decision of who they voted on [do not use “for” as it’s a prep lol].

Leave people alone no matter the possible specter of the Alinsky-Islamic tyranny with it’s Turkey [the nation that began supporting refugees invading the WEST] supported Muslim refugees flooding in America. Followers of Yeshua must know the God of wisdom! Wisdom is another name for our Lord in sharing the Good News that transcends all 7 national mountains and not just the religion mountain.
Thus it’s important to promote and educate people on a mass or group level so that those who will not listen will HEAR it.

Politics, good (or) bad is found in all areas of life, i.e. Churches, corporations, homes, government, elections, etc. Politics is the interaction between people good or bad. Thus shall we hear the call of God to bring the Good News into THAT mountain as well, i.e. the Government mountain.


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