The Difference/Understanding Between the Greco-Roman & the Hebraic Christian Perspectives

~@ROliverLuce | 11-09-16

Our Greco-Roman Western Christianity that most of us grew up with or entered into through receiving Jesus was for all intents and purposes real. We have seen His life in us. We have seen and experienced His miracles, the breakthroughs in all of our lives WHO trust in Jesus who was the Christ!

Today we are experiencing the return to our Jewish heritage with its fuller meaning and revelation from a Hebraic perspective, in the Hebrew scriptures. Many of us believers are coming to a deeper understanding of Yeshua the Messiah, one Covenant with its many sub-covenants, the meanings of the feasts, Hebrew idioms, and ancient Hebrew culture just to name but a few examples of deeper sources of discovery!

Some of us believers in the last century remember remarking about us becoming “spiritual Jews” as if it were a discovery. It was.

Our early church fathers had ignored in part and thrown out in part some of the better parts of the Jewishness of our Christianity. Constantine, the Roman ruler, who became a Christian brought in much error into the church through which many could say, was well meaning. But could it be well meaning? But the Father’s of the Gentile Christian church did so in removing some or much of the Jewishness from the Bible they were canonizing. It was their mistaken belief it was for the good of the church. Why? Because the Jews were the killers of God’s Son and thus most of the strong Jewish heritage had to be thrown out and forgotten because it was not God breathed supposedly. Sort of like throwing out the bath water with the baby! Thus causing further harm that would blind the Jews to the Good News! The Gentile church thus believed the Jews had to give up their Jewishness to become Christians in trusting Jesus! This is not what God has in mind 🙂 They had blinded themselves through this focus on the Jews and it caused further harm in placing scales of blindness on Jewish eyes as the Lord had prophesied regarding the Jews beforehand!

These church father’s preconceptions of what the original Hebraic Word of God means and its deeper Hebraic understanding from the days of the fathers of the Nicene Council and others ARISE from their Greco-Roman and/or Western view of the biblical text through their own cultural, economic, and moral religious understanding and worldview rather from learning and earnestly understanding the points, the perspectives of the authors of “The Book of the Covenant” and the “New Covenant” books themselves who were Hebraic, howbeit the “New Covenant” book was written in translator’s Greek!

Example 1, pgs 1, 2:


Book, “Lost In Translation” vol. 2, page 27.


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