Billy Graham Issues STUNNING Statement on Donald Trump… No One Expected THIS!

By R. M. – October 17, 2016 {Without all the advertisements!}

Trump is on target for what he promises to all Americans. The left isn’t that happy about the way he introduced the campaign, and told everyone that he dreams of big and safe America. Hillary’s supporters and the media came up with everything they could ever think of in order to get Trump out of the game. Not so fast, people! Your audio doesn’t mean a thing.

Even Graham told everyone how he sees things, and that brought joy to everyone who cares about this country. Unlike people who hate Trump, he said a few good words that surprised us all. In a good way, of course. In your face, haters!

They are epitome of hypocrisy. Most of the people decrying Trump give a pass to Bill Clinton, when as president he committed adultery with an intern. They continue to give a pass to Hillary, who protects her husband despite allegations of rape.

And they ignore serious crimes Hillary committed when secretary of state. On the other hand, conservatives, who believe in such virtues as forgiveness, have been willing to look passed Trump’s remarks. We have enough common sense and decency to know everyone messes up, now and again, and needs our understanding and forgiveness.

From Conservative Tribune:

While the media couldn’t understand why, Rev. Franklin Graham did. He wrote a stirring Facebook post that moved Trump so much that he re-posted it on his Facebook account.

“A lot of people are slamming evangelicals for supposedly giving Donald J. Trump a pass,” Graham began. “That’s simply not true. No one is giving him a pass. I’m certainly not, and I’ve not met an evangelical yet who condones his language or inexcusable behavior from over a decade ago.

“However, he has apologized to his wife, his family, and to the American people for this. He has taken full responsibility. This election isn’t about Donald Trump’s behavior from 11 years ago or Hillary Clinton’s recent missing emails, lies, and false statements,” Graham continued.

“This election is about the Supreme Court and the justices that the next president will nominate. Evangelicals are going to have to decide which candidate they trust to nominate men and women to the court who will defend the constitution and support religious freedoms.

“My prayer is that Christians will not be deceived by the liberal media about what is at stake for future generations,” Graham added.

The left don’t understand this, because they are mostly secular humanists. They are unable to appreciate such a powerful virtue as forgiveness, because they don’t believe in a God who can forgive our every trespass.

They are under the delusion that you must be perfect or else. Either you live up to their warped standards or they’ll throw you under the bus. That’s what happened to Alec Baldwin a few years ago, when TMZ accused him of a homophobic remark. All his liberal buddies were quick to disown him, despite any real evidence.

The left will never be able to understand, because they refuse to. They simply have their own agenda to protect, at all costs, and cannot conceive the ability to grow or change.

Pro-Hillary Americans can’t understand that Trump is what this country needs. They are aware of his potential, but still refuse to admit it. Well, we know that, and we support Trump. Nobody cares about your opinion, Dems!

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