@PewResearch & @YahooNews are Reporting Lies to Americans on Illegal Aliens

~@ROliverLuce | 08-25-16

Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Trump’s Border Wall???
Pew Research and Yahoo News tries to tell Americans they DO NOT WANT a border wall at all, while the truth is AMERICANS DO WANT to protect their nation & their culture!

It is well known what the American people want. We all know what we want. Nevermind the takeover of America by our beloved dictators of the LEFT and their Democrat Party.

Forget the scare that America want lawless illegals to fill the vacuum that millions of abortions have left us!
But We ARE USE TO having smaller populations in our past. NO PROBLEM!
We must remain lawful or WE WILL CONTINUE TO CORRUPT OURSELVES as is evident TODAY in our leaders and our land.

And we do LOVE our LEGAL immigrants, who are outraged at their own who are the illegals for illegal-instant citizenship for the Democrat Party dictatorship.



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