Obama on Hiroshima Claims Every Religion is Evil in so-called Licensing to Kill

~@ROliverLuce | 05-30-16

Obama on Hiroshima tells us every religion “claims to license to kill?”
Muslim Obama must understand one simple THING.

Every country has the right to defend its self and make the threat go away whether through force or through peace. Japan started WW2 and was not interested in giving up their war effort.
Please inform the Muslim Obama he’s got to grow up or stop being America’s enemy from within!

As for every religion, there is only one so-called religion that purposely kills. That one religion is Islam and they justify their murderous worldview from their trilogy of holy books for the purposes of ruling the world with Sharia.

Every Muslim thus must obey their Imams who must also obey the demonic trilogy from whence comes their jihads of all kinds in spreading the demonic Sharia.

This is but a basic summary of understanding of Islam. If anyone hates what I’ve simply said here, I recommend THEY read the Islamic Hadith (The prophet’s traditions), Islamic Sira (The prophet’s life), and finally the duel Islamic Quran to further understand just how subtle and dangerous the Islamic political system with its religious arm for justification is to America and the free world.


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