The Real History of the Real Barbarians & Why Europe & America Fear Islam

~@ROliverLuce | 10-15-15

Today’s Europe finds itself (again) in the same climate as the ancient Europeans found themselves after being hit by hundreds of MAJOR BATTLES by Muslim barbaric hordes from throughout North Africa & their center of operations in the Middle East and particularly Jerusalem.  These hordes were putting great danger and fear in the hearts of the European mind of that era!

For a couple of hundred years, the Muslim incursions were destroying Roman (European) shipping and thus crippling the economies of Europe.  Thus European Pope-Christians then finally put some steel in their spines!  How?  By waking up to the realization, they are being wiped out!  And finally, by putting together and executing a mere 20 plus Crusades the Pope and the European leaders were hoping to be a stop to the Muslim barbarian hordes destructive invasions of their continent.  They were the Crusades which were to be sent primarily to stop further hundreds of major battles with Islam and capture Jerusalem and take it FROM the Muslim armies and their so-called non-violent Muslim citizen  supporters who also support the various evil Sharia versions.
Islam is a political system with an evil religious arm for the justification in satisfying (searing) consciences.

European and American History had taught and is still being taught that the crusaders murdered the Jews and everyone else during this era of attacking the Middle East.  Rather, it was the Muslims who murdered the Jews in Palestine as well as the millions of Christians throughout all of North Africa during the Muslim invasions of North Africa.

Even the main Roman road along the Mediterranean Sea passing through North Africa was destroyed and all the olive trees that were along the Roman road.  This destruction actually assisted in holding down the soil.

After the Muslims took over their behavior was such that there is now much erosion of soil in the Mediterranean Sea.
Dr. Bill Warner’s research goes into this and there is new data that is available that supports the Muslim invasions of Europe, it’s economic fall, and the multiple ship wrecks that are reported in modern databases now available since the 1990’s.

For over a century, we have been taught by our own teachers in Europe and eventually America that it was the Germans who were the barbarians with nothing being said about Islam at all. Later in this century we have found out why!  Europe and even America since the barbarian invasions have been learned to be very scared of Islam and it’s unrelenting evil nature.

To explain a little further, it was the Germans who did invade the Roman Empire or more particularly Rome itself.  Instead of destroying Rome (as the Muslim barbarians were attempting to do) the Germans took over Rome wanting its riches and its culture for themselves!  And they did continue administering the Empire!

This is the true story, the true history of Rome and the Muslim barbarian invasions of yesteryear and the continuation of the Roman Empire afterward by the Germans.  This is but a historical overview in a nutshell.

An Examination from Research into the real history of the Crusades & why Europe is afraid to acknowledge Islam is an evil warring political system.
Dr. Bill Warner & the examination of the Muslim barbarian invasion of Europe and Rome and why the denial. The WEST IS SCARED as the teachings prove.
A brief study on why the West is scared of Islam and why the denial
by Dr. Bill Warner.


Time mark: (29:25) for a quick look at where you will see the crusades on the map.
Time mark: (4:00) false history of the German barbarians destroying Rome.

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