No One Should Promote Illegal Aliens To Break Legal Immigration Law

~@ROliverLuce | 10-11-15

@YahooNews: “No one should call the cops on undocumented immigrants for the crime of working for a living?”
On the contrary, no one should help, egg, allow, or ‘presidential assist’ illegal aliens to steal across our borders and allow lawless sanctuary cities to protect illegals from deportation. The act of illegal aliens birthing citizen babies once on our soil must be looked upon as a ‘voided’ citizenship action because of the lawless parties involved.

Terms to consider:
The term “undocumented” is a cover for lawlessness in breaking up the Constitution.
The term “immigrant” is a term for LEGAL immigration in processing people who have gone through screening and are becoming eventual citizens.

The lawless nature of ‘citizenship births’ by illegal people (breaking the law) must ‘void’ these babies from being instant citizens on our soil especially in these times of national emergency. America is being overrun by a massive rush of humanity. A humanity being promoted and pushed by American liberal and progressive elements in our national and state levels of leadership. And these leaders have become lawless and troubling to our nation’s stability and it’s laws. The Constitution is being shoved aside in a rush for tyranny through a liberal style of communism. We the people have been shoved aside and lied too about what is really happening and what is true and good for our society.

The terms “liberal” and “progressive” in relation to the American political processes have now been changed and re-defined by the very persons who call or go by these 2 terms. These leaders and others who are liberal or progressive have, by their own behavior and agendas have done so in re-defining themselves as liberal to mean anti-constitutional and anti-American and even to mean to be lawless in nature for the sake of their own cause! And they have said so in various videos as well.

Laws are meant to establish and to maintain a society, an American society in our case so that we would live in peace with our own culture.
We are not Mexicans, nor are we Hindus, and neither are we Islamic by culture by any sense of the imagination. We are Americans and so must true immigrants be when going through the legal process of true immigration processing. For illegal is illegal and it is NOT to be covered up with UNDOCUMENT IMMIGRANTS which is a contradiction in terms!

Working and having a job is NOT a crime!
Jumping our borders and stealing an Amerian job no matter how menial or high-level it may be is the CRIME!


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