A Proposal: The Crusades Were The Result of the Constant Conquest of The Islamic Barbarians

~@ROliverLuce | 10-08-15

Yes, early Christianity kept everything out of the assembling and the creation of the Bible Cannon that was of “Jewish flavor” due to the idea that the Jews murdered Jesus in and around the year 325 AD in the early years of the so-called innocence of the Catholic church then.

A Proposal that the Muslims are the actual barbarians that attempted to overrun Europe with over 250 plus “major” battles and the Crusades were an answer to those battles which only number around 20 at most!
Islam’s conquest that covers all the lands from Spain and North-west Africa spans all the way through North India took only a mere 60 years to conquer!  I guess this fact alone scared European leaders and history writers for the next 200 or more years down to this day!!

In the discovery that from 1972 thru 2000 there have been about 225 books written about the evils of the Christian Crusades with only 1 single book written in the same period about the Muslim conquests of all of the Middle East, North Africa, much less than Europe. But what Jay Smith does not know is the Muslim hordes in that era were the TRUE barbarians.

With all that said, there must be an agenda to NOT talk about the truth of the crusades and the invasion of Islam in the lands of Spain, North Africa, and the Middle East all the way to India. Why was there apparent BAN on documenting and writing about these bloody (and they were bloody) Muslim conquests? The West is SCARED of Islam. To find out more on why the WEST, why Europe is scared you can be directed to another researcher who knows much more than Mr. Jay Smith, and his name is Dr. Bill Warner.  And there are others as well!

Now I must say, Mr. Jay Smith has a problem with Christ-believers functioning in the armed services and in other functions of their various countries that may be (could be) Christian or righteously based for the most part. And yet there have been nations that have used Christianity is various evil ways, such as Rome! However, that does not mean all Christians in Rome were wayward evil believers in Christ either!! I will then propose that this man has gone too far [similarly] like, for example, the Calvinists, in missing the WHOLE of the Gospel of the Lord Yeshua (Jesus)!

Reference and video of Mr. Jay Smith speaking:

Now here is the location (in the above video) of the number of books documenting the crusades as oppose to any at all documenting Muslims as the barbarians who actually murdered MOST of the Jews in Jerusalem prior to the Crusades that were to stem the tide of the barbarians:
The location: 9:00 in the video.


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