Liberalism Bashing Nurses, Tip of the Iceberg on Lawlessness

{ The Outlawing of Liberalism must be in our future }

~@ROliverLuce | 09-18-15

Not only are “Liberal media inflation’aries(1)” bashing NURSES, the WHOLE IDEA of ALLOWING liberalism, to run amuck with their demands in sending America to hell, is crazy!!  Just allowing progressives to remain in AMERICA or to even lead the United States has been a growing DISCOVERY of DEADLY BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!  We are, even, now looking at the hordes of zombie-Muslims invading Europe and soon our own country with the Democrats allowing thousands of Islamics into America.  But more importantly Liberalism HATES our [American melting pot] CULTURE, our language, and our WAY of LIFE to the point of even stating they must over tax the country with spending and handouts to the point of crashing our country for communism!  The Lord Reid of the Senate has said this in various videos never before seen on TV except on YouTubers. Check them out!

BUT, it’s OUR own FAULT that we have all left our LOVE for the truth and walked away from Christianity and Yeshua our LORD towards other gods in our lives destroying our families like the liberal black people who show no love for their children for their self-hatred projected at everyone else and for all of us for that matter!!
And I’m NOT talking about being religious either. Being religious is a COP-OUT from living the truth from the Word of God (bible). Attending churches are to promote HOW we are to live and love each other. NOT to play religious games such as drawing crosses over ourselves and then live selfishly.

It’s time we are born again FROM allowing the flesh to rule over our spirits and let our SPIRITS rule the flesh instead with Yeshua’s LOVE!

(1) Inflating & promoting America’s sins to the point of destruction with perversion’ary & evil ideals.


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