National Emergency for Voiding/Deporting Anchor Babies Based on Lawlessness

~@ROliverLuce | 09-11-15

There is a necessary need for a National Emergency for voiding all lawless anchor baby making based on illegal actions of foreigners since the Reagan Amnesty Law with whom Democrats illegally broke. The resisting of all lawless Federal & State Courts attempts at preventing this emergency must also be a high priority.

To ignore American immigration laws and to illegally cross our borders and to OVERSTAY the permitted time is breaking American law. American law does permit anchor babies when it’s based on legal immigration in accordance with law and should never be allowed when such anchor babies are used as tickets by illegal foreigners breaking law in entering illegally into America.

Again, having an illegal baby on top of breaking into our country illegally, crossing our borders to secure so-called rights to stay illegally in America should and must be made void and be deported back with the parents. Lawlessness is NOT the basis for perpetrating anchor babies for the express purpose of getting a ticket to stay in America for all kinds of freebies and jobs after breaking the law in illegally entering the country.

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