Corrective Action Coming Forcing the Federal Judiciary To Stop Creating Law

~@ROliverLuce | 09-07-15

“When the courts act to create de-facto law rather than by rendering of opinion, they violate the intentional separation of powers doctrine used to diffuse powers not only between separate branches of the general government.”

“…precedents [by the courts] are usually REFERENCED [for justification] in support of such actions [as changing the definition of marriage for example] rather than [on] a constitutional basis.”

“When a group of nine judges attempt to make law for a populace of 310 million and settle constitutional questions for all time, they are acting against the interests of the compact of the Constitution. Such a situation is demonstrative of an oligarchy, NOT a republic.”

The United States is a Republic and the federal judges must come under corrective direction or prison! It’s time to make major earth shattering corrections to our judiciary to reflect the constitution.  Reversing ALL decisions that have been rammed against the people of these United States.  For example Marriage is for everyone and the definition of the word Marriage will return to it’s original timeless definition. Even homosexuals have the freedom to marry the oppose sex. For the homosexual a NEW definition, a NEW tool must be invented for perversion to have legal joining of two people so that the Federal Government can make money off of them AS WELL.



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