What do we do with the young & the grown illegal children of illegal parents born on U.S. soil?

~@ROliverLuce | 07-09-15

YES! The children born to illegal foreigners must be dealt with soon.
With illegal parents returning (deportation proceedings without delay) to their rightful countries of origin. The children of illegals whether young or grown must follow with them in keeping the families together. The parents and other misc. illegals have knowingly broken the law being ‘egged’ on by lawless American democrats and Republican leaders who have demonstrated to be failures at leadership.

The children, of illegals, must first be raised by their parents in their own countries. Grown children must return with their families and decide then whether to live in America and must get in line with the others for verification and/or complete legal processing for entry.

Congress must deal with this situation very soon after the ruinous Obama era!
They must deal HOW to deal with this situation of the parents lawlessness in relation to their own grown children whom they led being egged on by our own lawless leadership in the United States. But, again, we must also think of our own culture, our melting pot culture where legal immigrants learn the language and our ways. We are not Mexico nor China nor Islamic. In many cases, the grown children must leave with their parents to keep the families together.

Then and only then must these children can return through legal immigration and verification of where they might have been born however illegally because being brought over the border illegally. Some grown children may have no parents residing in America with them and they could be allowed to go through immigration for verification IN THE STATES.

But let it be known now. Congress must rescind the order of citizenship by birth forever. Even then it could be allowed to revoke all citizenships by birth because of protecting the American culture of Americanism. We must remember we speak English and we are NOT Mexico nor any other country on this planet. Every country, in order to maintain their society, can only have ONE culture. Nothing wrong with celebrating where we CAME FROM!!

It would be nice to consider our Legal Hispanics who are enraged at illegal foreigners whoever they may be including illegal Hispanics.
So I ask, why do we listen to ENRAGED ILLEGALS?
Let us listen and be enraged at why the laws of the United States are not ENFORCED nor OBEYED.
Feelings must FOLLOW obedience.
Feelings are not the law.
Throwing false guilt at us who believe in law and order is evil and stupid.
I rest the case HERE and now, until tomorrow!


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