The Works of Salvation & our desires for temporal and false blessings

~@ROliverLuce | 06-11-15

The fruit of our inspired [1] self-disciplined labors is in glorifying God. Without them, without our works, our faith is dead [2], even our trust is dead [3].
So how are we to be judged rightly by God if we were to still be under the blood of Christ when we have withdrawn our trust habitually? For when we willfully sin we put Christ back on the cross; especially when we habitually do so without regard to The Holy Spirit. We can do this by searing (cutting off) our own consciences in mistreating one’s wife for an example. But even so Christ is always still there if the soul finally has enough and does desire to return to Christ’s Covenant of Salvation! There is nothing wrong with returning before it’s too late! Our God is always there for all whosoever will. God woos us with His love like an earthly father or mother and we then desire HIS love like we would desire our parents love in wooing us back! God is love!

So to explain further! To withdraw our faith from our trust in God as LORD is usually for a cheap pot of soup [4] [so to speak] in throwing away our heritage which is locked in His Covenant of promises! Usually, we do fall backwards because of a desire to circumvent God’s ways for a faster/quicker way to a blessing or those blessings we idolize over God.
For these reasons, we would chase after a number of temporal and false blessings that our spiritual man does not need at all and will corrupt us. Again, God is still there with His outstretched arms [5] for you and I.

[1] From the Holy Spirit.
[2] James 2:17, 26
[3] This occurs with those who have gone down the path of habitual faithlessness developing into a familiar spirit that isn’t conducive to a life of trust in Yeshua!
[4] Esau in the Old Testament (Covenant or Tanakh Book).
[5] God’s outstretched arms on the cross with love just for you and I.


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