Radical Muslims or Normal Muslims? Which is it?

~@ROliverLuce | 04-22-15

{ NOTICE a jihad list and a video link at the bottom of this article.}

The Muslims! are but nice, peaceful, & loving Muslims who are not radical terrorists! No any one of them are radical at ALL!!

They are all nice Muslims who support everyday Jihads no matter what type or kind of Jihad… the peaceful Muslims are supposed to do…….. in a non-Muslim country. Sooo, if the host country is not Islamic…. the rule is to conduct jihads!!

ALL Muslims participate or support Jihad whether a Muslim has a thought as an individual to do one or is ordered by Imans for a jihad to be executed.

Here is a short list of Jihads ALL normal Muslims must do or select from or TOLD to do by their Imans->

Types are as follows:
Stealth, quiet, & sneak Jihads.
Street prayer Jihads.
BottleRock throwing Jihads.
MassBirths-for-votes Jihads.
Traditional violent Jihads of all kinds.
Welfare flooding Jihads.
Lies fooling guilt-ridden people Jihads.
~~One could go on & on & on. Shall we? No?

// NOW, the video!
This video is from a bold community of Muslims who gather to shout “Allah is Great” and bow before their [demon] Allah in the halls of their particular temple in the U.K. This is but one temple of hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, throughout England!!

The early days of Muslims amassing in the U.K., the lies worked well on liberal guilt-ridden UK citizens and even throughout all of Europe.
NOW it’s take over TIME! These peaceful Muslims now SAY who dares to deport them NOW [yeah right lol ]!!

Nice Muslims NOW coming out of the closet! Your culture & freedoms are at risk unless you ar willing to spill blood now & deport them all.

***In the meantime WE show them friendship & love of Yeshua that they might never forget when they arrive in Arabia after deportation (Matt.24:14)!!!

Remember it’s a good thing for people to obey a country’s laws and its order
as Muslims DO SAY beheadings and cutting off of the hands
are good for mankind [see the video].


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