Loving illegal foreigners & Muslims & working to help them obey our laws

With all due respect to pastor Dan Hammer:
I write this quick commentary for balance for those of us who love Jesus. I write this will all due respect to our pastor who I know wanted to identify love with those who are illegal foreigners and Muslims who seem to be a quiet threat against our own culture. We can love these people and at the same time encourage the country to take these illegals and deport them. And when necessary to encourage and help the nations to do their part in taking them back, even with assistance from our own country, but from a position STRENGTH and not from debt and financial ruin, etc.

We do love illegal foreigners who have been ‘egged’ to flood across our borders by the hundreds of thousands for freebies of our national debt card.

We shall love them and find every opportunity to give them the Word of Truth and provisions they most likely need except for what our lawless government gives them even at the expense of our taxes we give! We will on a one-to-one basis be of good cheer to these people who need YESHUA but are being used by political forces even from around the world!

Thousands of Muslims are being flown in from Syria who will be a later threat to our national security through various stealth, legal, & violent Jihads. And along with all this we must be a witness to them and educate ourselves how they [Muslims] believe and think. For sure, we must work towards shuttling them back to an Islamic country where they can practice their Sharia [law] without these Muslims forcing their laws on themselves at first only to eventually bring them on us in a couple of decades! They do plan to out vote us with their birth rate of 8 to 1 of ours which is another quiet Jihad against any host nation.

And for those of us who stand for righteousness in the AMERICAN public square we will encourage the country and foreigners alike to obey our nation’s laws and the Constitution. And if necessary we will assist these wonderful people who are illegally in our country to bear the responsibility to return to their country of benefit and origin.

As believers in Yeshua it would behoove us to assist these foreigners with provisions that help as they transit. Beyond this we will continue to send our treasure and our missionaries with support from our churches for the glory of the LORD in assisting those countries who should also be helping their own instead of shoving and egging their own unto the America culture. For America is not heaven nor is America the savior of the world, but Yeshua whose to come in due season.

~@ROliverLuce | 04-19-15


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