Illegal Immigration Lawsuit Exposes Sinister Plots for Quick Fixes

~ROliverLuce | 04-18-15

Judges’ Questions On Texas Suit Showed They ‘Don’t Understand The Realities Of Immigrants’ Lives,’ as Advocates for illegals try to gainsay!  All peoples of the world have their realities as do ‘illegal foreigners’ who have left their countries of benefit to receive free benefits off the backs of Americans.

They must return to their own original family, culture, and country of origin.  All peoples of the world have their concerns and realities. And those realities are best met through their own country of benefits of family and standards that their country must assist.  America could assist those governments from a position of strength and not from the lawlessness that does lead to a confused and failing culture.

The ‘complexity of immigration law’ is ONLY due to President Obama and advocates who assist illegal foreigners in breaking the law in circumventing legal immigration.  Legal immigration is meant to filter the influx to ensure true future Americans.  If Legal Immigration is not meeting the needs of processing people then we are trying to push too many people into the country and thereby falsely justifying lawlessness [illegals] for both large and farm businesses for both liberals and conservatives.  Lawlessness does beget more and more lawlessness in the nation.

Illegal foreigners are NOT immigration as in “LEGAL”!  It is lawlessness meant to circumvent the legal system for a quick fix for national debts and votes for both political parties at the expense of ruining the American culture and our way of life.  If anyone wants to come into our country they must come in and do as the Romans do, as in any country.  Muslims especially must adhere to our laws or they are in the WRONG country.

Finally, it is said we can simply without the lies sell some faction of government land to pay the debts, keep social security going, and allow abortion to stop!  Our culture is more important than flooding the country with foreigners who have no idea who we are except money for sending home.  If governments GOT OUT OF THE WAY illegals would prosper in their own countries and we would as well.


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