Publishing Your Own Blog Article Online with WordPress & Twitter

~ROliverLuce | 04-12-15

A brief summary in getting started writing your own blog articles and publishing them on the Internet using both and

And has an easy way to auto-tweet every newly written article you publish on on the initial first publish and save action. In other words, will tweet your article automatically on the new article’s first publish action.

[To auto-tweet your articles from you must FIRST setup your Tweet account PRIOR to turning on the auto-tweet action in My twitter handle is @ROliverLuce for ]

What your website looks like to everybody display your prime blog you’ve written with a menu of other articles you may have written:

A sign in web page to your WordPress account:

Go here to create your account on
Simply go to the web page listed here and press the [create website] button in the middle of the page:


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