The Mystery of God’s Hebraic “Word of Promise” & His Death to Save us from Sin

~ROliverLuce | 04-10-15

[ Why did Jesus, the Christ, die on the cross, and in doing so, did it for our sins that He might remarry us in a Ketubah? Why? ]

This is where the “Tanakh” (the OT) book comes into the spotlight! The “Renewed Covenant” (the NT) book explains and reveals the progressive enlightened salvation in a book what we call the Old Testament (OT) that culminates in God’s living “Word of Sacrifice & Promise” coming in the form of sinful flesh for our salvation!

Now to explain a little how the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT) works together to reveal our salvation first!
The Old Testament is all about God’s Covenant from God’s Word of Promise. It also is about the story of man’s sin nature and God’s progressive revelation of His Word of Promise to come! That His Word (which He spoke) will come in the flesh to show the way! No more will we have to have “initial FAITH” in God’s Word to [then] bring an animal sacrifice any longer! But now with God’s progressive revelation of His Word of Promise we see the bridegroom giving His life for us that our payment for our sins is now paid in full. This is where “our FAITH” in God will now reside! It resides in His Son, His living Word forever!

Finally, I want to bring this into the picture! The ancient Hebrew marriage and wedding process is spelled out in the structure, the story and the details of the ancient Hebrew Ketubah. Ketubah is the Hebrew word for the Jewish marriage Covenant process made up of three actual sub or mini-covenants leading up the marriage covenant ceremony its self-described and outlined in the Old Testament (Tanakh).

So, the Hebrew marriage covenant would always progress through the three mini-covenant steps(1) with the bridegroom who must be committed all the way with no excuses(2) except in the very beginning of the door opening by the bride to be! The bride is able to pull out at any time during the first three steps in the process prior to the marriage covenant. But if they both become married and she becomes impure (by another) or is found to be impure the result is a death in those rough and ancient days of old. [Life was tough with many demands in society then.] This is where the groom has four choices of which one is, if he chooses, will pay the fee of death with his death to pay for her impurity or sins! So God wants to re-marry us through His Word of Promise he will pay the bill for our sins by dying for us in our stead. And in actuality HE puts the law of sin and death on mute for our sakes. This is the meaning of Christ’s death and subsequent rising from the dead.

Now to clarify and summarize: The first five books we call the Torah is the actual description and outline of the “Ketubah” in the book of “Tanakh” (OT)!!

(1) The three sub or mini-covenants within God’s main overall Covenant of salvation (Gen.15:17) are the Blood Covenant, the Salt Covenant, and the Sandal Covenant.

(2) Except when he discovers the bride to be impure from which he has several options.


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