A Citizens Constitutional Order Against All Illegal Presidential Orders

~ROliverLuce | 04-10-15

[To be executed against the will of this clear and present dangerous president, without any interference from any party colleagues of either political party.]

All previous/current presidential executive orders regarding (or) allowing illegal-foreigners to enter and stay in the nation and receive free government goods & services are null and void per the Constitution of the United States. It is wrong and unconstitutional to order/allow in any way illegals into the United States except in a time of DECLARED WAR as was for World War II. That war, WWII, is LONG GONE Mr. President and distinguish senate and House colleagues! That WAR is long gone! No, there is no need for an Obama battle in any country that does not need to be DECLARED either!

This is a citizens Constitutional Order against all illegal presidential orders allowing all illegal foreigners free government goods and services, and expressly bribing originating countries to flood the borders of the United States by the hundreds of thousands and millions as well. These poor-unaware people are the wards and the benefits of their own originating nations and extended families. America is NOT a nation that transcends the entire world.

Lawless precedence against the Constitution does not stand. Deport all illegal foreigners as if they were still living in their original country of benefit.

A Fort Hood wounded soldier gets Purple Heart without benefits! Benefits going to illegal foreign children/adults instead.


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