What are the three wonderful and terrible themes in the book of Revelation?

~ROliverLuce | 04-09-15

Those main themes can be understood clearly from the Hebrew (exegesis) mindset of what the apostles of the book of Acts knew. Today’s Roman-Greek exegesis can not withstand the return of understanding to the whole Word of God that embraces both what we call the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament.” Let it be known God does not change. For what is in the “Tanakh” (O.T.) is revealed in the “Renewed Covenant (N.T.).

The first wonder of three themes:
The progressive nature of the community of believers (the church) in Christ who is being perfected through all three ongoing mini-covenants of Ketubah** for which all three are within the Father’s Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 15:17). Each believer is sealed, each one (each believer), to their own individual maturity for which all believers collectively represent the bride of Christ being readied when Yeshua, God’s Son (the Word of God) comes for her (the church) as the bridegroom for the marriage supper of the Lamb! A grand party for the family of God where 144,000 Jews who were among many Jews to accept God’s love through HIS SON would also be Yeshua’s best men at the wedding!
There will be guests at the wedding, those who did very LITTLE with their salvation “of works from” the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, but still knew their savior as not their close friend AND also those who are angels of the Lord of hosts!

And the second one:
The progressive development of allowing the Man of Sin to rule but for a short time and giving mankind (those who still walk in darkness) time to repent through many trials and judgments that build up to the final judgment of all time!

Finally the third and fearful theme:
The progressive development of Satan’s counter covenant that imitates God’s plan. Satan stole Man’s authority to rule the Earth and is attempting to keep that authority to bring down as many inheritors of salvation as possible but will in the end be destroyed in judgment.
All those as many inheritors who believe the lie because they hate the truth and were given strong delusions will die in the judgment as well.

** The Hebrew name for the ancient Hebrew betrothal process, i.e. “Ketubah.”


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