AN EYE OPENER of real Noah dimensions!

~ROliverLuce | 04-07-15

AN EYE OPENER of real Noah dimensions!
Judgment is coming whether progressives, gays, Islamics, atheists, Democrats, Republicans, ‘lost American Christians’ or evil-doers disagree or not!

Worldwide evil and anarchy is exploding in our faces with no end in sight but the swift return of the Creator’s living WORD of PROMISE!

Evil is everywhere (as homosexuals tell us) where evil progressives & sex perverts dwell.
And yet they blatantly with evil intent tell us they are saving the earth from Christ & Christians with their righteous and perverted deeds, saying that we the Americans we are not tolerating Muslims for Allah and sex perversion-ists! For we are told to accept the Hitler mindset (attitude) and never speak of sin or ELSE!

My gosh, just like in the days of Noah! It’s all here, right before our very eyes! Evil intent continually and racing towards a coming final judgment! And we also can say judgment is already NOW in play.
An example is homosexuality is it’s-self JUDGMENT, for when one refuses to love the truth God will allow a delusion to crouch at their door, in its stead. [The] Truth is a Person and that Person is returning soon.


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