The Coming Revelation & Judgment of America

~ROliverLuce | 04-06-15

Who are those who worship and enjoy YOU, oh Lord-God who will not fear [anything] and glorify your name?

Because you alone, oh Lord, are whole, righteous, and complete with wisdom and common sense in the truth for all time!

All the nations, of the Earth, will come and worship (admire & dance like football worshippers) before you, for your righteous, wise, and common sense deeds have been revealed [and continue to be revealed]! Therefore, there are NO excuses for those of us who call ourselves the Americans, continue to walk away, from HIS righteous and humble deeds, with a FADING righteous innocence for a time. A time that made us look still righteous without the Lord-God. Then without warning we began to wake up to see ourselves as callous, cold, and sarcastic looking upon your past as if we’ve always been this way: callous, cold, and sarcastic saying to ourselves our national culture has always been evil thereby condemning ourselves with foolish thoughts that we might continue to sin without impunity!

Judgment is crouching at the door since walking away from Yeshua-Jesus as a national culture with bewitching exuberance for demons now, named Allah and Lawlessness, that have come in the name of smooth lies and tricks with quick sound-bites because of “YOUR” national complacency. We have let, we have allowed our national leaders run, do, and promote evil because of our complacency because of own selfish and self-centered desires birthed from our own lawlessness that comes from sliding away from our national conscience in Yeshua-Jesus who kept our Republic until today, until TODAY. It was a decade’s long slide to this moment in TIME! We have lost our identity if we continue down this path allowing lawlessness and Allah to invade our American cultural conscience. You and I do not have to believe in Yeshua-Jesus but we do need to hold firm to Yeshua-Jesus for the sake of our heritage or be lost forever in time.

I speak of “YOUR” as in you, myself, and everyone who calls themselves the Americans! We are Americans throwing away our nation for a quick bowl of soup as Esau of old in the Jewish book of Tanakh.

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