Joe Scarborough is kidding or does he know what’s in the Bible compared to the Quran-Hadith?

~@ROliveLuce | 02-27-15

Life and freedom comes in the name of the Word of God (the Bible) from the mouth of the CREATOR, who was made flesh & blood, and that Word was named Jesus the Messiah who came to save us from ourselves!

Whereas death and captivity are the result of the ‘Islamic political system’ with nothing more than religiosity, i.e. a religious judgmental enforcement setup for justification in taking over all other cultures through the Islamic political system, i.e. Example: Street prayers (showing whose going to be charge) is for starters when they normally pray in their Mosques in a country taken over by Islam.

And Joe Scarborough says, Christians who obey the Bible are violent? Violent like Muslims?
Then JOE does not know what’s in the Bible nor has he been living in America at all nor anywhere else where Christians are found. Yes, they are found everywhere on planet Earth! GREAT SCOTT, lol.

A mere summary of fact, Joe:

Christianity: The Bible tells the story of fallen man in sin and how God plans to cover man(/woman) with the righteousness of HIS own Word of promise in saving any from the coming judgment of God. Those who reject His love & grace will have to endure living an existence of nothingness without the presence of God forever (Hell)!

Islamic: Whereas the Muslim’s Quran-Hadith glorifies the sin of man with every Muslim demanded to copy the behavior of Muhammad or face death. The Quran-Hadith also pronounces harsh judgment on any people and even Muslims who will not accept Sharia (law) accept Allah as the only God with Muhammad as HIS prophet. And if not they must be judged now in the here and now without mercy.
Sin in judged now without regard to what the Creator has in mind. For we live in a world of grace and then comes judgment at the end of the age.


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