The Purpose of His Intimacy and why we would want to obey and be in intimacy!

~@ROliverLuce | 02-23-15

A Very Plausible Purpose found in the Word:
Herein I will try to briefly explain the natural reward of intimacy in Christ for each and everyone of us who have embraced the Lord Jesus into our lives. For we all know God is always after us to become more involved with Him in intimacy. And the results of which will show who are those who will be part of His actual bride (if you will) and those who will be the wonderful guests waving the branches at the wedding party of the ages!! This comes from the Word of God in Revelation using the Hebrew exegesis for understanding the Word and shunning the old Roman-Greek exegesis that has even put blinders on the Jews for a thousand plus years since the days when the Hebrew apostles died off to be with the Lord.

A title to a Quote:
Symbolism in The Israelite Camp Layout as a prelude to Ever increasing intimacy with God

[The following is a quote from the book entitled, “Lost in Translation series volume 1″ with comments within brackets that are from myself.]

Basically, the Lord divided the Israelite camp into four main sections.

…each section then corresponded to one of the covenants (servanthood, friendship, inheritance, and marriage) that make up the fabric of God’s desired relationship with us.”

Each section of the camp modeled a particular aspect of God’s invitation to each of us.
The Lord never tires of inviting us to increase our intimacy and draw closer to Him through [an ever] enhanced covenant[,i.e. through an every increasing intimacy with the Lord].
Thus the defining element for each section of the camp was proximity to the Lord Himself, who was located at the very center. He put His tabernacle in the middle and put Himself in a definite spot inside, in the Holy of Holies, symbolizing His desired place within our lives.

Again, in technical terms it’s called . . . the center! Everything in our lives should revolve around Him. All other sections within the camp modeled a definite “linkage” to God, but the closer you got to the Holy of Holies the closer you got to a face-to-face relationship.

It’s also worth noting that, symbolically,
every dividing line of every section of the camp, whether a wall, a curtain, or the beginning of the wilderness, represented separation from God — or, reduced intimacy.
But it also symbolized increasing protection for those who were inside more and more boundaries.
It showed how God covets His bride.
Where does He put her? Of course — right in the center, with minimum vulnerability to outside forces.
In like measure, increased covenant relationship enhances our ability to stand against the escalating deceptions of Satan.

~There you have it. Rewards are spoken of and even demonstrated as well in the Word of God. What is your response to this and are you interested in a closer relationship with the Father God and His living Word?


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