A Movie is Like an Advertisement. It Promises Something to Everyone in Their Subconscious’ness

~@ROliverLuce | 02-23-15

The title of the movie in question (or for any movie that’s violent) which is “Infliction” with it’s accompanying Ads gives a strong hint of it’s character right away. Viewing the movie’s trailer, which I did, does give a good idea of what the subject is about & it’s unnecessary intensity alone focusing on the subject of violence and the focus of violence with everything else being subjugated to that focus.

The movie’s subject could be something redeemable with some aspects to show the reality of violence without even giving much time to it, if it relates to the subject of the movie at hand.

We have driven the public to expect undue violence so now movies without it might seem rather boring. No wonder we have many people who have grown cold to each other. It’s no wonder we keep voting evil men and women into high office in our states and Federal government. Yes even movies have an impact on American righteousness which is no more. The break up is imminent one might say. As Rudy has said recently about a certain President. Where is the love of country?

Enough said. Join with me and others in continual prayer-warfare that men and women will return to their GOD without pretentious religious attitudes. God is our Creator and HE is sending HIS living Word of Promise again in judgment and it may be soon, very soon. Matthew 24:14.


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