Two Paths in Life for Every Culture & Society to Comprehend

{Assisting the Poor and the Needy Builds Attitude & Will Always Be. GOV Inflames & Builds Dangerous Ungratefulness of Attitude.}

~R.OliverLuce | 02-20-15

(Intro) There are two paths in life, in this fallen world of ours, for every culture and society to comprehend.
One path that leads to more life with plenty of room for reaching out for those who are hurting AND one other path that leads to control and the squeezing OUT of life and liberty that leads to the sourness of attitudes and unbelievable twisted perversion that does not even help the needy and the sick. Free money will only inflate the passions of ingratitude of the attitudes. Those two paths are:

(1.) In a righteous standing republic you will ALWAYS have the poor and the sick along with prosperity. And from prosperity many will find their passions to reach out with visions to the needy and the sick! And, when a republic, when that republic opens up to more of the truth of living with a vision of their Creator the better the poor and the sick will recover and even be taken care, however even THEN you shall ALWAYS have the poor and the sick for we all live in a fallen world, not a stinking yellow submarine, lol.

(2.) When THE enemy (the Father of lies) sees the righteous (above paragraph) doing great exploits he gets jealous and goes out to inflame men and women who are walking in dark shadows of rejecting the truth in their lives for false notions of the truth where their spirits refuse to control and balance their fleshly appetites.

Here, the enemy whispers stealth secrets in their ears of precious needs and wants that are going to waste. Look at how they (those evil white Americans for example) are not being taken care by those American righteous people who are also white. White must be evil, just look at their sins, never mind their strengths! They are not taking care of EVERYBODY! Government must take the offence and rule, that everybody is being taken care. Never mind the great control aspect, for that is a great thing in ruling everybody for the good of everyone!

So, it is incumbent upon you (the control worshipper) to destroy their good works as evil works and build a large governing structure that will take care of everyone’s needs including those who act like righteous but evil people who ignore the needs of the poor and the sick. A free society must be evil. The acceptance of all vices is the righteous thing to do in their hearts.

(Finally) Therefore with the two above paths that I’ve depicted we have a choice whether to chose life or chose spiritual death for our existence without any equivocation! Let it be known whatever we choose, we choose knowing we are choosing a lie to sweeten the loose-control of our flesh (or) whether we choose to live to increase our spiritual man to self-control and self-balance the fleshly man with the help of the inspiration of the Word of Truth, the Word of God! Truth is a person!

Let us look down range to visualize what all this means which ever choice we make, America!



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