These are the Times of Revelation and the Coming Bridegroom

~@ROliverLuce | 02-11-15

{Prelude: The Western Christian mindset has been cheated for sure. Most of the so-called third world Christians, if you will, have had been acquainted with the general sense of the real concept of Covenant more than the West had ever been over the last two centuries, sadly to say the least.}

Dispensation isn’t in the biblical Hebrew mindset. The so-called Old Testament (Tanakh) and the reNEWed Testament (or the B’rit Hadashah-Renewed Covenant) are both inter-connected when reading the original Biblical-HEBREW!

The Renewed-COVENANT Testament was written with a Hebrew mindset (exegeses) and it must be understood in that light.

Today we find ourselves going back to when Christianity was thought of as a Jewish sect.

WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS where the Jewish people shall be teaching the nations the whole story of the knowledge and the salvation of the Lord Jesus their Messiah TO THE NATIONS as it was to be in the beginning if it were not for their sins.

In understanding the Tanakh is to finally understand the most important book in the entire Word of God, Revelation that ties everything in the Tanakh together and reveals the betrothal of those who are intimate with the Groom who will come for HIS bride who are in intimacy as the Apostle John demonstrated.

Of course this does not MEAN we never knew our Lord Jesus the Christ, except we NOW KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY as it were from the apostle’s worldview!
We have all come full circle to this point in HISTORY. The things that were hidden from us and the Jews are open for the marriage supper of the lamb to come in due season.



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