To Save a Republic with Prayer Through the Word & Bravery

~R.OliverLuce | 01-23-15

This is our attitude that we pray and intercede with SHOES on our prayers to take the stand in the PUBLIC SQUARE without abrasiveness nor guilt but with the Word of Knowledge mixed with WISDOM that we will see evil put down and righteousness promoted in God’s good timing!

In order for a free people to secure their Republic
who may consider themselves as the righteous who go by MY NAME** will humble themselves, turn from their wickedness & religious sins, and seek ME** then shall I** heal their land.

And further more, the righteous will then have the power to win many over to righteousness that a republic might be saved; That many will be at peace.

And they shall also gain HIS strength and HIS power to stand against evil principalities and powers in the public square that STAND AGAINST the Kingdom of God, and the Lord will prevail in all seven mountains. This is bravery that men will stand in the gap and over rule evil with God’s Word of Strength.
The truth will prevail and truth is a person.
2Chr.7:14 {NASB}

The people rejoice when evil men are put down! This we shall earnestly intercede towards before God!
Proverbs 29:2 {NASB}

We can be numbed by evil men who have been promoted.
Psa.38:8 {NASB}

The people cry out and are badly crushed by foolish evil, yet God will not listen until the people turn!
Job 24:12 {NASB}


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