Does @RaquelEvita Believe She is NOT a Muslim who Believes in Sharia? @FoxNews

~R.OliverLuce | 01-08-15

@RaquelEvita says she represents many peaceful Muslims and says, they DO reject radical terrorism which does not represent Islam.

Therefore I have put together a multi-faceted question for her:
So the following two items I am stating for you Raquel Evita Sarawati as a Muslim are two items you must then believe:
(1) There is no god but Allah.
(2) Mohammed is His prefect prophet.

And in the Quran you do know that you are to live as Mohammed lived, to speak and to act as he did.
So, in order to do as Mohammed does, you must look to the books of the Hadith and the Sira to gain understanding how he spoke, acted, and lived his life.
From his life then you are to believe Mohammed, because Mohammed himself has said, “he gets everything from Allah through the angel Gabriel.” And of course this statement of his is in the Quran itself.

Therefore, without my saying anymore information at this point in developing my question for you.
What would you say, at this point, that would make you any different from those who are the radicals, and their stealth-Jihadist Muslims who support their terror-military, and their Sharia Imams who say they are the true Muslims of Islam?

Again, what would be that difference between Raquel Evita Saraswati and them?
And, one more question, what does abrogation mean to you?

Raquel Evita Saraswati’s appearance on FoxNews:

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