Cost of Not Enforcing Our Constitution Corrupts Any One Especially Alien Foreigner

Pic by R.OliverLuce

~R.OliverLuce | 11-21-14

TODAY WE DRAW THE LINE in saving the Constitution and the nation.
It’s TRUE a few or perhaps more previous LEADERS have broken CONSTITUTION for quiet convenience for farming out American jobs to foreigners in America for example!
BUT as lawlessness DOES, it does evolve over a dangerous slope for the worse, as humans DO as well. We are creatures of habit whether for good or bad, whether we believe it or not!

Impeach a leader and defund this unconstitutional action even in the face of evil political risks. Leaders who are good men will be bold as lions in the face of evil and lawlessness! It’s the unrighteous who keep coming back unrelentingly when good men do not say NO and keep saying NO.

Truth matters more in the long run than holding back because of ‘evil’ political fallout! Trusting in God means to walk in wisdom for the long run as Mr. Wilberforce in England had discovered! He knew his Creator! And he knew it was wrong to mistreat people as terrible slaves despite POLITICAL FALLOUT!

Yes, and even balancing the budget means CUT BACKS where America also will STILL pays it’s DEBT bills without fail!
To say we can’t cut back the budget because of the debt is stupid.
To say any differently is lying to ourselves only, must less to the public.

Amnesty? TODAY, WE DRAW THE LINE. If not we can expect much more of the SAME (lawlessness) in every facet of American life from the White House on down to how we drive and treat our wives.

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