Deportation is the Cost of Doing a Living Illegally in Any Nation no Matter the Length of Stay

~R.OliverLuce | 11-20-14

Human feelings do not set the course of the law.
If that happen, there would be no law enforcement.  Oops!


To say we can NOT deport illegal foreigners, who’ve been here or even longer than 10 years or more, is simply foolishness.

As it were President Eisenhower deported millions of aliens with only just hundreds of immigration officers, saving American jobs and wages that were plummeting. America today is more than able to do so and with enforced laws against employers that greatly assists in automatic deportation. We are Americans. We are not a one-world-tyranny. Our employers serve us and they do well to know that in the LONG RUN. Greed is not a supporter of the Constitution nor is Communism! Employers must not serve foreigners which leave Americans in the dust and cause an unwillingness to educate Americans for those jobs!

Ignorance nor a lawless president is not a ticket to break the law and feed off our government and our institutions while American citizens struggle.
Human feelings do not set the course of the law. If that happen, there would be no law enforcement!
Therefore illegal aliens must pay the cost of breaking the law. Breaking our laws in mass as such does effect the long term costs of all American citizens who pay for these foreigners who are supported by a lawless president and other lawless people who have no notion of right and wrong.

All illegals know they are foreigners! They know they have broken something no matter the gainsaying, even those who have been living lawlessly for 20 years in our country.

We can only assist them through helping their GOVERNMENTS to help their own. We do not assist foreigners as illegal aliens being called “undocumented.” They are not undocumented. They are foreign aliens.

Hopefully we shall have a replacement PRESIDENT who will assist these aliens through helping governments with their own citizens who have been pushed out upon our country by the egging on of our current lawless President Obama! Let us begin the assistance again of helping foreign governments with their own peoples in their own cultures. Legal immigration ensures they will accept our own culture to be sure.

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