The future: Sex for fun only & babies by tube when we feel like it?

~R.OliverLuce | 11-12-14

“If the [91 year old] professor’s predictions are true, people will concentrate more on building successful careers and having sex for fun, knowing they can use the IVF method to become parents any time they want.” And all this by 2050?

Ah yes, smooth convenience to the point of selfishness, thus godlessness.

LQQK at what unreasonable retail customer service is producing in this country alone for more than half the population of America. It’s producing crabby demanding people into a self centered people without realizing their eventual habitual life style.

There is a day of reckoning coming and it’s coming before 2050 by what this Hitler-style scientist is telling us. It’s sad it must be said about this scientist! Our national sins DO PRODUCE a Hitler. It only takes time for innocent wrongs to grow into national sins that produce the evils. Wrongs left alone produces seductions.

Let there be hope in our Creator’s WORD of promise. That WORD is Jesus the anointed (having true godly charisma).



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