Interview with an American Indian re: Aliens

~R.OliverLuce | 11-10-14

An interview with an American Indian regarding illegal aliens!
[A link is listed below at bottom of this article].

Even the Indians know full well it’s wrong to give away free jobs, free housing, free land, free goodies, & free services to foreigners from other countries because of great misplaced PRIDE and false guilt in the FACE of our own people who are hurting and without jobs.

It’s wrong to allow illegal aliens into America without FIRST screening for bugs, diseases, legal troubles, and behavior. Then after that comes earning trust and learning well the American culture and it’s language PRIOR to entering and becoming a GREEN CARD CARRIER. America speaks English. Other languages are NOT the national language. When in ROME do as the Romans do. Come with assistance (American friends perhaps) of any kind when in Rome (America).

Finally. In time, say, 7 years these foreigners might and can become LEGAL citizens of the United States. It’s a concept that even a troubled Obama has yet to figure out.

I am willing to bet HE WILL NEVER figure this out nor has the ability to WANT to do LEGAL immigration without including illegals :-). I KNOW HE DOESN’T lol. He can’t do it, lol. And with that in mind he wants to be arrested and be treated as a criminal. Let him prove otherwise, lol.

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