From Fencing Out Lawlessness to a Culture Whose Sin is Ready for Judgment

~R.OliverLuce | 10-24-14

By R.OliverLuce

Fencing out lawlessness is good!  Fences ARE effective if we have the will. The will, the righteous will of a righteous nation! Shall we… GET A LIFE from Israel, humm? Lets see THEIR fence, shall we?

BUT wait, God has allowed a man in a White House to destroy America, as we know it, because our sins seem to be FULL for judgment! How is this? So why? Well, as Americans we don’t stand against evil any more. We just speak our minds and that’s it for those of us who do! But while others just let it go because of [false]guilt. For all practical reasons, we’ve lost our repulsiveness to ACT! We’ve LOST OUR HEADS so to speak!!

Losing our heads? Sure, we call it tolerance in the name of political correctness (PC) which comes from false guilt that most likely, I think, comes from our dead Christian churches who have lost their first love for a probable “once saved always saved” worldview for everybody or something very close to that kind of “spirit.” BUT wait, after all our president is a Black man, right? Never arrest a black man for any of his lawlessness. Why? because we are the bad people for attacking black people. Because their lawlessness is good. Why have laws when we all want our way. Why obey the speed limits on the freeways? Our ways are good, who needs God now. Get the drift? We have all place the great lawless creature in the WHITEHOUSE. He’s not the only lawless guy. Lets look at ourselves. Ooh God, WE HAVE LEFT YOU!!

To give an example of our plight lets talk about Abram: Centuries ago, God was talking with Abram regarding the promise land. HE referred to the current people of that land as people whose sins were not full or completed as yet to be judged. HE began speaking to Abram in taking the land through his own children who would do it 400 years later in fulfilling the promise!

So when any culture’s sin have become full. It’s ripe for JUDGMENT time, and God will use another country or a people group whether they be evil or good depending on God’s own plans. He knows the beginning from the end. And Islam will not escape it’s demonic evil.

It does look like America has arrived with a full cup of sin ready for judgment whether we like it or not as a culture, as a nation. And we do have a remnant who still truly behave within the Father’s Covenant of salvation!

Now, does any of this make any sense? See the Bible 🙂 I want you to study and read the bible.  It’s my desire that you will find your VISION in life!  Do it and be covered with the seriousness of Christ’s Covenant blood…

that sealed the deal on THE FATHER’S COVENANT 🙂

The above picture is for enjoyment purposes.


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