The Restoration of America Begins Now

~R.OliverLuce | 10-17-14

Restoration of America begins when we face the realization we have sinned in allowing ourselves to become indifferent allowing terrible anti-social behaviors and destructive worldviews into our land along with liberal-progressive elements tearing what’s good, in America, to pieces in the name of (nothing more than just simply) American-evil. These elements are forcing destructive changes in the name of evil-America as Hitler was to the world, which is totally false.

This my friends is being done to us by those who have judged themselves with their own accusations against America. If those of us who are called wise, repent and turn from OUR wicked sins then shall the Lord heal our land and America will be saved and evil will be pushed out.

America is redeeming country which is why many Americans refer to her as special. Liberalism is evil by their own actions by foolishly agitating and bringing up our past sins.  Only godly wisdom shows us the way to healing by focusing on what is good in America. Human nature without God and His Spirit of Truth is doomed to hell through what THEY/WE believe is the right to goodness through demonizing the baby as well as the dirty wash.

No other nation on earth has been as redeeming as America has, even while letting certain evil elements try to destroy her from within as we are NOW experiencing!!

Let the first liberal-progressive without evil and sin THROW THE FIRST STONE. Let them go away that we can return to our God that we may humble ourselves and repent all of us from our sinful ways. Then and only then will God heal our land. Those who speak evil as good and separate us from each other are from hell.

Jer. 23:22 {NASB}; 2Chron. 7:14 {KJV}

Now is the day of salvation from our focus on self and lusts.
Now is the day of salvation in accepting God’s Covenant of God’s Word of promise.


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