The Clash of Races in American Culture & Who is Grateful to Trust God Who Unites

~R.OliverLuce | 10-17-14

The clash of human races in America began when America gave up her right to be a true nation with one culture, one language, with laws, and secure borders, by some (not all) Americans who bought the black man from another black man from a foreign continent whom England had taught us well to do.

Well, cultural bad habits DO blind us all then and cultural bad habits DO blind us still, today! It does blind us! Look at what we are doing NOW!! We will be judged for murdering millions of our babies someday in the future much more harshly than Islamic, Arabic, and European slavery ever was. Wait and we shall all see it.

Now concerning slavery and it’s removal from our sociey: There are two status’ by which Black Americans were rejected by their skin color, but are now accepted as American citizens today!

First it’s the conservative black (yep he’s usually conservative here) who is grateful which means HE is thankful that he has been accepted institutionally and by most people to live free and have a job with an attitude of forgiveness and desires to lead by example as an adult.

Now it’s the Liberal Black man (yes, usually a liberal) who has allowed bitterness into HIS life after being accepted as a free American citizen, which means he can not and believes he was BORN THAT WAY (as homos think as well) to be thankless and to hate those OTHERS for their past sins and against those who worked hard all their lives for a prosperous America they could part take as well.  But because of bitterness, it will not allow this man to take part in this prosperity by choosing to remain unforgiving and hateful.

After all, it’s a liberal black woman who said once, “We must keep on hating because these people are evil and will never change.” The judgment that woman has given is the judgment she pronounced on herself! And when the jig is up for all time (God coming for final judgment) it will be final!! This kind of attitude is usually egged on by such things as BIG government dependency which seems to only prove to themselves (liberal blacks) that they can’t make it because of the evils of another race who started the American experiment that will always make terrible mistakes but has proven to be redeemable! When BOTH races return to their God who gave His Word (Jesus is that Word) to save us from ourselves, then we will BOTH live in harmony even as a double-cultured country too!
Oops, did I leave out the Hispanic culture? The truth of the matter is enforce our single American culture to survive as a nation of states.

As for both camps (both races) LIFE was never meant to be fair, but to be thankful to God we are still alive to grow our SPIRTS unto the Lord our Creator for final judgment in due season.
It’s the SPIRIT that gives life to our flesh.  The flesh was never meant to be in control. Never.

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