Ebola: Is Doctor Frieden proving the World is Going MAD?

Dr. Frieden says suspending flights will make Ebola worse? HOWs that, sir? Explain how we throw away our common sense in a situation such as THIS, sir?
~R.OliverLuce | 10-05-14

Doctor Frieden, we can do BOTH! We are able to suspend flights from certain countries and still do the job of killing Ebola in West Africa. THINK HOW THAT CAN HAPPEN, THINK please. Never mind all the complexities. We are at WAR sir. We do what we must and then and only then wise men be able to resume flights AFTER containing Ebola.

Medical supplies CAN still be transported via MEDICAL ONLY flights, while all PUBLIC flights have been curtailed. This is GREAT. Why? WE KNOW WHO GETS THE FLU when an Ebola fighter gets infected; DIRT happens. But we are now better prepared to CONTAIN those who fly from West Africa and to West Africa who might become infected. Only those flights that carry Ebola operations which would be AND SHOULD BE but a few compared to regular public flights with many people who may be carrying Ebola.  ENOUGH SAID!!

Further, yes, we all have the right to enter the U.S. or any country for THAT matter. But we also have the right TO ACT LIKE ADULTS and do what WE MUST. Let men be WISE!!

Here’s an example of having our freedoms and doing what we must:
If a person has his freedom to run about, do we NEVER quarantine anyone because of their freedoms? BUT WE DO, DON’T WE! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
There is such a thing as freedoms and wisdom in action AT THE SAME TIME, doctor!

Please doctor, help us do the right, normal, wise thing. OR, simply get out of the way, sir!

Reference article with video:

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