Circumvent the White House immediately!
NOT to be confused with circumventing CONGRESS by the lawless White House!

~R.OliverLuce | 10-04-14

YES, stay connected with Liberia, with common sense, while BLOCKING ALL TRAVEL

Obama liberals acting out PC-insanity!
Circumvent the stupid WHITEHOUSE, and do SUSPEND ALL FLIGHTS and continue to stay connected to WEST-Africa from a position of strength and safety.

Remind the wayward President we have those troops in Liberia. That is how we stay connected! That is our connection during this crisis, Mr. dear one.  Now, let us go forth and suspend all air travel.

May I add, we must do the same with the ALL illegals, who have NEVER been in line through LEGAL immigration to be screened & learn our ways JUST AS EVERYONE ELSE does.
Deport them back to their own nations and assist those nations in helping them to add their GREAT illegal talents in helping their own countries to prosper UNTIL WHICH TIME their number comes up for entry into the United States.

Add the poor helpless children back to their respect countries as well. But only AFTER we get a chance to adopt many to bring them up as TRUE AMERICANs who know the language, who know the American-culture, who know the laws, and who know the true issues that plague our land!

The great constitutionalist(this is the balance) Dr. O’Reilly speaks:

Interesting post script:
Always circumvent the Whitehouse on matters of enforcing the law and defending the American people, enforcing immigration laws with force when necessary, and securing all borders. Circumvent this Whitehouse as long as it’s not doing it’s legal duties. Everyone seems to be stupid by NOT arresting or impeaching this lawless Whitehouse and everyone in it.


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