Password to the Kingdom of God

~R.OliverLuce | 09-30-14

There is a password you must KNOW. When God’s hears it HE will make it possible for you to enter His REST. And His REST is righteousness and wisdom in His Kingdom and sin can not have place. For God will only make it possible for you and I to enter His REST, His Kingdom through a Word of promise He has made! For God will never┬árenege on His Word of promise, and that Word is JESUS the anointed one above all anointings in the world! Jesus the Christ is the one who sealed the DEAL, on a stake, for His Father’s Covenant of covering, of salvation from sin that makes it POSSIBLE for GOD to allow any one of us to enter His Kingdom! If we look on HIS word of promise we are saved from ourselves! Remember the stake with the snake on it, whom Moses told the Jews to simply look upon it and be saved from their plight! And many refused to look.

What is that password you ask?

That password is your WORD of trust (faith) in accepting God’s Word. It’s much more than just a password. It is an attitude, a behavior of TRUST & ACCEPTANCE of His love; A love from GOD to be LORD over our heart every day. Let me call it THE LAW OF CHRIST. And there is “The Spirit of Truth” that will empower you and I to obey God’s law of justice through God’s living Word. For God is a god of justice and by His very nature sin can not enter His REST except through His promise.

Certainly, no other can claim they are God. For The Spirit of Truth spells doom for all of them in the END.


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