Ben Carson Interview & Possible Anarchy That Will Only Demonize Liberals for Hundreds of Years

~R.OliverLuce | 09-29-14

Dr Ben Carson: There might be anarchy sometime by 2016 if we do not address the debt and our foolish spending from an American Liberal agenda bent on a foolish Utopian over regulated dream. It is bankrupting our nation. And it’s crushing our culture with it’s obscene anti-morals.

Add to all this, serious problems with many Americans especially Liberal Black people NOT teaching and modeling to their young people respect for AUTHORITY and American morality! No authority or morality means the destruction of a nation and it’s culture. There are ways to deal with leaders who are in error. But disrespect for authority and no morals spell tyranny cometh!!

Dr. Carson said all of the above in short, but I conveyed his remarks (above) in my own terms that further elaborates the issues that will only demonize liberals for possibly the next 500 years when anarchy does appear worldwide.

Reference video:


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