After Knowing & Rejecting God’s Love It Is Hard For Them To Return If NO Repentance

~R.OliverLuce | 09-24-14

Let it be said in regarding to any covenant or contract in the history of the Universe, Our only wise GOD who has created all of us, has done so for only one purpose!

When we talk of a covenant or a contract, a breach of any condition gives the other party (whoever may that be) the right to repudiate said covenant or contract.

BUT!  As one who departs from the faith after knowing the will of God and HIS benefits for another lover, even for another god, he leaves at his own self destruction.
God made him/her for one purpose only, to bring living glory to the Father that life may have rich meaning in hope and for a future.

God will never repudiate but allow His chosen ones to willfully walk away from God’s Covenant of ‘salvation’ from their old self-life unto a love that will never end through God’s living Word.


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