A Taste Of Islam; It’s Dual Nature

~R.OliverLuce | 09-25-14

A taste of Islam;
The true nature of Islam;
A dualistic Islam ~by Dr. Bill Warner

View the following introduction to Islam and it’s dual nature.

Dr. Bill Warner Reference:

References: @DickCheney @Liz_Cheney @FoxNews

{Ideal starting location 5:17; Bill’s book reference location 0:02}

Just because there are 1.5 billion Muslims does not make the situation impossible!
After all, we need only to remember what President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) had said about FEAR its self.

There are two facts that will defeat the evil of political Islam with it’s religious arm.

First, what is happening around the world is Jesus Christ who is God’s living WORD has been eating away at Islam alive from behind, throughout the world! [As it attempts to dominate the world.] Many Muslims have and are coming to God through the love of Christ Jesus from their visions, healings, and interactions with Christians. They are also getting ‘covenant’ baptized secretly and openly as well to tell the world they will die for Christ if necessary! Examples can be found throughout Indonesia and the Middle East.

Secondly, Islam can be defeated militarily where it’s a MUST, IF WE (who are called “Kafirs” by Muslims) do not waver in fighting the Sharia threat without showing any weakness in resolve. Resolve in war IS everything in any WAR, in order to demoralize an evil enemy.

Weakness in resolve PRODUCES an embolden enemy who then WILL NOT QUIT!  Think of how World War II ended?  We did not fight World War II half heartedly!!


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