India like the U.S. is in denial of the reality of peaceful Muslims moving into Jihad

~R.OliverLuce | 09-23-14

There is no debate! The Peaceful Indian Muslims do believe in the various types of Jihad spelled out in the Quran hidden by both the violent and peace sections of their holy book and it’s two supporting books that explains the makeup of the Quran.

As global Jihad invades! India tries to grapple with their own ‘peaceful’ Muslims exactly as the U.S. in denial of the peaceful but gradual increase of many FORMS of Jihad including violent Jihad when the time is ripe according to the Quran’s 2 sections that hide the real intent to the Kafir (non-Muslims).

India and the rest of the WORLD must face the fact the QURAN and it’s 2 supporting books is THE ROOT CAUSE of the Spirit of ISLAM. That is “ISLAM WILL DOMINATE the Earth” with it’s SHARIA LAW on everyone, not just Muslims, or become the slave of Islam or die.

This is the reality and the Crusades were a response to all this in the years starting in 1100AD that SAVED Europe!


[View this video from the start or begin at the 8:50 marker.]


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