Freedom from Religion found in the Constitution in Banning 1 Christian Religion Ruling Over All Christian Religions

~R.OliverLuce | 09-23-14

The “Freedom From Religion Foundation,” an organization dedicated to pushing the beginnings of social destruction upon America through deception has corrupted our Constitution of these United States.

They are trying to “Protect the constitutional principle of the separation of state & church?” when in reality the Constitution and the American government had only one thing in mind: Protecting the people and it’s government from any one Christian based religion from ruling over all the other Christian religions of the time.

Today it does appear we are tearing down our Christian based culture that ALL Christian religions have believed in general without any one of them becoming a government supported tyranny over the rest.  American society was raised on general Christianity with it’s various Christian based religions in the spirit of never allowing one Christian religion to force it’s private believes on the others! But all Christian religions have basic truths they all believe in that has formed our culture to this day!

This society, this nation, can only have one culture.  There is no room for Islam which by it’s very nature is against the Constitution.  All cultures are NOT equal.
Again, today we have elements in our American society attempting to tear down our culture in allowing corruption, lawlessness, & dangerous Islamic forces and foreigners who do not share our values into our land.
What the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” has done and continues to do is destroy our culture which our society is based and allow foreign elements to invade and remove our national soul.

The F.F.R.F.

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