Even Marco Polo is smarter than America’s Grandstanding Leaders of Today

~R.OliverLuce | 09-21-14

The reason why Muslims stay silent when Jihadists commit horrific crimes is their religion ordains it through 3 of their most holy books. Their leaders gradually move their groups gradually through a 3 stage progression to establishing Sharia & through intimidation & claiming victimhood!

This Islamic attitude, their agenda, and their progressive stages of intimidation explains why they get irate about many little things in the beginning such as the burning of a holy book to the point of murder even.  And it GROWS from here. It does not stop.  For Sharia must rule the world!!
And look here!  The Bible is burned by many and for any old reason every day! And yet God isn’t scared nor His Christian believers are hurt about it in any way, lol.  It’s silly unless you and I understand where Islam is going!!  But I digress, God is greater than a paper holy book. 🙂

Marco Polo’s introduction to Islam and it’s peaceful moderate Muslims:


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